Healthy Enchilada Bake

First off– I have to give HUGE credit to my crock pot. It is a LIFESAVER. I cooked 4 pounds of chicken breast in it the other weekend, froze it, and was able to use it in these enchiladas. I just pulled it out of the freezer, popped it in the (more…)

Healthy Blueberry Crumble Bars (Gluten Free!)

These easy blueberry crumble bars don’t require a lot of ingredients. They are super tasty and did not last long in my household!

Picture of blueberry crumble bars. Fight Fatigue


Has anyone ever been to the blueberry patch? I went to this summer and picked loads of blueberries.  Big, fat, juicy, sweet, delicious blueberries. And needless to say, I (more…)

Quick 5-Minute Breakfast Ideas

Who here has skipped breakfast due to lack of time?? (I’m100% GUILTY) Yes, I’m a Registered Dietitian, and yes, I preach “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But, I get it. Mornings can be busy.

Between getting kids ready, getting yourself ready, or just waking up late, mornings can (more…)


Best Foods to Fight Fatigue

Drained by the summer heat? Experiencing a 3 o’clock slump?  As tempting as it is to crack open an energy drink or to grab a sugary snack, these items provide a quick boost, also known as a “sugar high” and then quickly leave you feeling more sluggish than before.  What you (more…)

How Do You Make Your Own Marinade?

Have you ever had chicken that is extra chewy? We’re talking cut it with a steak knife and then chew it about 20 times before giving up and swallowing the darn piece whole. It’s the absolute worst! That why I cannot emphasize enough the marinade for the perfect chicken! The perfect (more…)

Fourth of July Cheesecake Fruit Salad

Cheesecake PLUS fruit MINUS the calories.  How can if be?!

If you haven’t tried this fruit salad, you are missing out! Since tomorrow is the Fourth of July, I thought this would be a great dish to whip up for fun, festive meal. This fruit salad tastes like a slice of cheesecake (more…)

Easy Chicken Buffalo Wraps


“Happy Monday!” Those two words. One of the first things I heard this morning. From the coffee barista (who was probably jacked up on WAAY too much coffee). And while I was so tempted to roll my eyes, I fought the urge and decided it was a Happy Monday.

Sure, (more…)

Healthy snacks fruit and yogurt popsicle

Healthy Summer Snacks for the Whole Family

Did you know that summer doesn’t “officially” start until June 21? 

I guess that means that we’re technically still in the ‘spring season’, however the temperature is 96 degrees today, and I’d say it sure feels like summer! This is the time of year that most kids are finally out of school (more…)

How to Eat Healthy While on Vacation

Did you know that it IS possible to eat healthy while on vaycay? ☀🏖 I spent the past weekend on the beach and I’ll admit–the temptation was real! Between seeing mouthwatering pictures of brownie a la mode on the menu to reading the menu description of a juicy steak with buttery (more…)

What Type of Fat is Healthy for You?

What if I told you that your daily actions affect your overall health? Foods consumed, exercise, and stress all play roles in your overall health. Staying healthy has many different components, and one of those includes eating “healthy fats”.

So, let’s dig into what type of fat is healthy for you: “Healthy (more…)