Quick 5-Minute Breakfast Ideas

Who here has skipped breakfast due to lack of time?? (I’m100% GUILTY) Yes, I’m a Registered Dietitian, and yes, I preach “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But, I get it. Mornings can be busy.

Between getting kids ready, getting yourself ready, or just waking up late, mornings can be super rushed. If you’re like me and workout in the morning before work, breakfast can be even more important!

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Why is breakfast so important?

  • Short answer: It wakes your body up. Your body has been sleeping all night, and adding food helps to jump start your metabolism.
  • It also helps keep you satisfied until lunch. This means you won’t be as likely to stuff your face with a greasy cheeseburger or slurp down a large coke at lunch.
  • A balanced breakfast keeps your blood sugars stable. This means more energy throughout the day!
Healthy 5 minute breakfast ideas that are easy to make and taste great!

“I don’t have time for breakfast”

The # 1 excuse. That’s why I’ve created this list of 15 breakfasts that take 5-minutes to make. Some other tips:

  • Prep breakfast the night before so that it’s ready to heat/blend/whatever in the morning.
  • Make breakfast the night before, place in a to-go container and take with you/eat at work (I know this isn’t possible for everyone..)
  • Plan out your breakfast the night before–set out all ingredients to make prep easier
  • Eat on the way to work (think smoothies, overnight oats)
  • Think outside of the box: feel free to grab that leftover chicken and rice, or make yourself a turkey wrap. It doesn’t have to be a “breakfast food”, the main point is just getting something that is healthy. 


What makes a healthy breakfast?

  • Balance is the key. A  healthy breakfast must include protein, which helps to keep you full and satisfied.  (This doesn’t necessarily have to be meat. Eggs and Greek yogurt are both great protein sources).
  • A healthy breakfast also includes a whole grain (example: oatmeal, whole wheat bread)
  • Fruit and veggies are great to add to a healthy breakfast (the more colors, the better)
  • Healthy fats are also good–walnuts, almonds, avacodos.
  • Tempted to grab a granola bar? Check out this article on what makes a granola bar or protein bar healthy. 


Here’s my top 15 quick & easy breakfast’s that take 5 minutes or less to make:

  1. Apple slices topped with Peanut Butter and walnuts ( I use THIS TOOL to make slicing an apple oh so easy! I even take it with me to work some days!)
  2. Whole wheat toast with avocado & hard boiled egg
  3. Blended smoothie (check out these ideas!)
  4. Greek yogurt topped with almonds and blueberries
  5. Egg & Veggie Cups
  6. Overnight Oats
  7. Health Boosting Smoothie Bowl
  8. Peanut butter on whole wheat bread topped with banana slices
  9. Yogurt Parfait (Greek Yogurt + granola + fruit)
  10. 5 Ingredient Oatmeal Balls (Prep night before)
  11. Healthy Banana Split (sliced banana, greek yogurt, fruit)
  12. Turkey wrap (tortilla, turkey, avocado and spinach)
  13. Chia pudding
  14. Peanut butter, banana and tortilla roll-up’s
  15. English muffin topped with low fat cream cheese, strawberries and walnuts

Check out this breakfast cheat sheet: screen shot it or print it out and hang on your fridge for next time you’re in a pinch!


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Here’s some of my favorite tools to help make breakfast a little bit easier:


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